Month: October 2016

Things To Consider When Designing Your Warehouse

Business’s productivity runs on the efficient usage of its recourses. The efficient use of resources will help both the employers and employees alike to bring in more productivity as well. When it comes to warehousing it is the same concept that applies. The limitations include the area or the space available for the stock to be placed. There is always a storage solution to any warehouse.

I would recommend hiring a professional company who is well versed in the field of industrial shelving and pallet racking. They being in the business will have the best and the worst type warehouse spacing and systems in place and would definitely know a shelving solution.

The number one thing to consider is your receiving area. The warehouse will be receiving large quantities of finished goods. You need enough working are for your workers to carry out the receiving, counting of goods, segmentation, etc. The more space in the working area the more efficiently your workers can carry out the activities.

Have the warehouse divided into different segments. For example you can have the receiving bay separately and defected goods returned separately to make sure you don’t mix the two and store the returned defected goods as newly arrived finished stock in the warehouse. Another are for distribution of goods for shipping and to other destinations can be in a different segment.

Your warehouse must be designed with industrial shelving so that your inventory need not be moved more than once. The more you move the more chance you have of the goods being damaged, mixed up in the wrong area. You can name a set of goods into a block and have that block renamed instead of being moved. Making the corridors or you could name it the space between the racks to be spacious for handling the goods and loading and unloading the goods. Depending on the size of the goods and its type you will need to work out a perfect system design.

Certain goods needs to get a few special packaging done to add more value to the product. A segment like this must be close to the shipping are so that the transportation from the special packaging area to the shipping will be less. It will reduce the risk of getting goods damaged.

At the beginning I indicate about hiring a professional company for pallet racking inspections at One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd the designing because they know how make sure all the aspects I mention in this article and everything I couldn’t include in the article as well in a well structured and neat design. At the end of the day, all we want is to optimize warehousing functions and boost efficiency.