Types Of Car Parking

There is no point in being an excellent driver if do not know how to park correctly. After all, parking is important to ensure that you car stays safe during your absence. Parking your car in the wrong position is not only a problem other parkers but will also make it difficult for you to reverse the car when you need to drive again. Being informed of the various warehouse storage solutions types given below will enable you to avoid banging on obstacles and parking right in the middle.

Parallel Parking

This is when you park your car in between two cars that are already parked in a straight line. You will have to park your car next to the curb by aligning it correctly in the parallel position to the other two cars. The easiest way to do this is to back your car into place with a 45 degree angle before positioning it. It might be the hardest technique to master, but you will be able to learn it with practice. The important note to remember is to park into position without damaging the cars that are parked on either side.

Perpendicular Parking

In this parking method, cars are parked on either side of the aisle in a straight line. This is the second hardest parking technique that you will have to learn. The structure of the car lot will look quite similar to a stackable stillage since all cars are parked next to each other in fixed positions. But the difficult part is to fix/park the car into that pre-drawn position perfectly. The trick is to keep the car eight feet away from the assigned position since it will be easier to drive back the wheels.

Angel Parking

This is another method which is quite easy to master since the cars are angled in the easiest way for parking. You will find this type of parking at corporate buildings and apartments along with carpark storage cage and such since it is hard to park too many vehicles in the same place if other parking methods are used. Moreover, since it consumes less space, it results is much free space for the users to walk.

Curb Parking

It is undoubtedly the easiest way of parking. All you need to do is to park the car alongside a curb near your residence. It is technique used by most beginners since it requires very little support of the side-mirror. You will be able to avoid scraping the vehicle on the curb if you use reference points.

It is important to be familiar with all these types of parking since you will be required to do it one day or the other.